Imagine Living Your Dream!

If you have ever said, “I will be happy when...” Then you are the client I am looking for. I know it feels safer down there with the turkeys, but it’s much more fun up here with the eagles. Let’s face it, turkeys end up on dinner plates while eagles soar, and you deserve so much more. 

“Fly high….that sky will save your soul” – Gary Barlow.

Whether it’s an amazing relationship, an awesome career, or you want to earn the mug that says “World’s Greatest Mom/Dad”, your desires can become realities. The amazing thing is that it is often in the first session that my clients discover what they really want in life and start to see the possibilities!

Get Out Of That Rut!

Just because your engine has stalled, it doesn’t mean you can’t get started again. Let me help you get back in the game and out of that rut!

Tell you what, I want to help you so much that I will give you the first session (you know, the one in which a lot of my clients have gotten their breakthrough) for absolutely free! But best you contact me now and secure your spot!!

To book your free consultation call me on 083 601 7812, or send me your details by clicking here!

Here’s to the real you!


"The Happiness Coach"

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Anthony is a genius but so modest about it. My life took a full 180 degrees turn.

It is quite hard to explain, really, but I know that my life is now in my hands and I take full responsibility for my decisions and attitude towards life.

If you feel like there is no hope for you, or you just don’t have a clue, this is the coaching for you. He is perfect for professionals who know what they are able to achieve but are not able to take the first step.

Itumeleng Seakamela - Writer, Film & Television Producer.




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I love his term "transformational junkie" and adopt it freely and proudly because one should always be re-inventing, scratching and re- purposing, better formed and modified. This is why I continue to look toward Anthony as my guiding mentor and coach and highly recommend him to anyone who feels that life is for the living but has not yet travel with a friend, and look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

Bella Palphramand

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